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Dalia Hashim: Building an Ethical AI Strategy & Tips for Engaging with AI Vendors

Dalia Hashim: Building an Ethical AI Strategy & Tips for Engaging with AI Vendors


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Dalia Hashim joins Nikita Roy to unpack the nuances of incorporating AI into journalism. She provides critical questions to consider when engaging with AI vendors, elaborating on facets of clear communication, comprehension of tool limitations, and the importance of oversight. Dalia also delves into the ethical quandaries with AI use in newsrooms, particularly around potential job displacement. She offers insights on building an ethical AI strategy. Dalia also shares the future plans of Partnership on AI to help newsrooms.

Dalia Hashim is the Program and Research Lead for AI and Media Integrity at Partnership on AI. She focuses on the intersection of AI and local news and works extensively on understanding how AI policies and interventions can minimize the harmful impact of AI in various industries. 

Before this role, Dalia made significant strides in AI policy development in the Ontario Government. As a founding member of their AI policy team, she helped write and pass Canada’s first digital law. Most recently, she served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Ontario’s Chief Digital and Data Officer, providing key insights on Ontario’s digital and data strategies.

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