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Charlie Beckett: Fostering AI Literacy in Newsrooms and Navigating the Risks of Generative AI

Charlie Beckett: Fostering AI Literacy in Newsrooms and Navigating the Risks of Generative AI

In this episode, we explore the crucial considerations when developing an AI strategy and the potential risks of generative AI in the newsroom with Charlie Beckett, Director of the JournalismAI project at Polis – the international journalism think tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE). He is also a professor at LSE’s Department of Media and Communications. He was previously the director of LSE's Truth, Trust, and Technology Commission, which reported on the misinformation crisis in 2018. 

Charlie is the author of SuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save The World (Blackwell, 2008) and WikiLeaks: News In The Networked Era (Polity, 2012).

Before LSE, Charlie was an award-winning journalist at LWT, BBC, and ITN, beginning his career at the South London Press and later a program editor at Channel 4 News.

JournalismAI, a project of Polis supported by the Google News Initiative, is a global initiative committed to helping news organizations use artificial intelligence responsibly. 

By fostering innovation and capacity-building, JournalismAI aims to make the potential of AI more accessible and to address inequalities in the global news media related to AI. Through various programs, JournalismAI unites journalists and media professionals to discuss and explore AI, encouraging debates on AI's editorial, ethical, and financial implications on journalism.

Join us as Charlie provides his valuable insights on the significance of AI literacy for journalists, the crucial questions to consider when developing an AI strategy for news organizations, the risks and potential limitations of generative AI, and the influence of AI-powered chatbots on search engine traffic.

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Newsroom Robots
Newsroom Robots
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